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Road-Side Assistence

 Whether it is a dead battery or you locked your keys in the car as well as any type of no start or break-down situation, we will be there 24/7


Starting and Charging System Test

Whether it is a battery or a starter we have the right tools and experience to get it fixed right.



We specialize in situations where your vehicle does not start. Most issues besides in depth wiring or computer problems, can be handled in the first hour of diagnosis.


General Maintenance

Whether it is and oil change or a transmission filter we are well trained in regular maintenance, we will use only dealer ship matching parts and fluids when available (some old cars only have few options) . We will keep you informed of all maintenance needs with pictures and printouts of our full inspections.


Fluid & Break Checks 

As long as we are in a safe location you will get a full digital inspection for leaks as well as fluid and brake quality along with recommended interval reminders, free with every service.


Engine Repairs

We also do engine and transmission and have a great little location in rogue river for any large jobs!

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